“A great hat speaks for itself.” Britian's “voice of reggae” and his signature style

David Rodigan has style. Whether the man known worldwide as Britain’s voice of reggae is interviewing Bunny Wailer, vying for reggae’s world sound clash crown, sharing his encyclopedic knowledge of Jamaica’s most renowned cultural export with a fan, on radio or TV; you’re likely to find him sporting one of his many signature hats.

This passionate, highly energetic reggae DJ and broadcaster is almost never without a cool chapeau. In JAM Down they would say “a di Rodigan stylin dat,” translation, “That’s the Rodigan style.”

He is a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE), the winner of World Clash 2012 in New York- a kind of reggae DJ sound system world cup, and he just added Jamaica’ s Order of Distinction to his many accomplishments. All this and the adoration of millions of reggae and dancehall fans world wide are his, for more than 35 years of broadcasting, DJying, interviewing and promoting the music in England and across the globe.

At every step, a hat whether a tweed scally cap, a panama straw hat, a mock bowler or fedora accompany him.

“A great hat speaks for itself ”, and so does a great man!

Kudos David, you are the embodiment of the wonderful things that can happen when art meets fashion and style.

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