A Taste Of What Happens When Sport Meets Fashion And Art…

Basketball broadcaster heavies Canadian Leo Rautins and American Sam Mitchell were at it again on Sportsnet last night. It was the February 5, franchise history making game between the Toronto Raptors and the Indiana Pacers.

The talk was about the oh so handsome Serge Ibaka and his latest big scarf fashion statement.

As the guys scored jabs at Ibaka, Rautins made what I thought was a slam dunk statement.

“I don’t do fashion, I do art,” blurted out Rautins, six words encapsulating what those who love fashion and art enjoy doing.

BTW, Mr. Fashionisto, not only scored thirty points but the winning basket, making franchise history for the Toronto Raptors who now have 12 straight wins this 2020 season.

I’d say this is what happens when sport meets fashion and art.

Go Raptors Go!  We love you!

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