Aluminum, Art’s Sturdy, Light and Versatile Canvas

“The world is but a canvas to our imagination” is a famous and thought provoking quote by the American poet, philosopher and abolitionist Henry David Thoreau. For an artist a canvas is the vessel through which his or her point of view and imagination unfolds. For thousands of years painters have brushed, splashed, stroked and more, canvases largely made of cotton or linen; linen being the more expensive option.Today artists are experimenting more than ever with natural and manufactured materials. One of them is aluminum.
Sturdy, light and versatile aluminum art panels are even and rigid. Unlike wood stretched linen and cotton canvases, aluminum panels don’t release gasses over time and hardly react to changes in temperature or humidity. Paintings on aluminum panels can therefore be hung or stored in damp surroundings and not warp or get tarnished by oxidation.
Artists using aluminum panels have few restrictions. Paintings can be created using oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache and ink. These panels can even render drawings with the use of pencil and pen.
Let art on aluminum panels stimulate your imagination.

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