Exhibit All That Jazz and More...Inspire Young People, Introduce Jazz!

Curating the All That Jazz and More exhibit at the legendary bar and restaurant, The Pilot, inspired me to reflect on how I became a huge fan of Jazz. It led me to write a post on LinkedIn to engage people in a conversation about when might be the best time to introduce this amazing music to our young people. Here it is FYI.. 

I will never forget the day my mother took me to meet an extraordinary man named Dermot Hussey. Today he has a show on Sirius FM, but when I met him at eleven years old he was the man everyone listened to on the radio when wanting to hear the greatest Jazz music on planet earth and learn about this extraordinary art form.

When I used to write about Jazz, I saw Dermot Hussey at the St Lucia Jazz Festival. I thanked him profusely for introducing me to this fascinating, eclectic, ever evolving music.

I cannot forget what looked to me in my diminutive state as a, not yet teen; those rows and rows and rows of Jazz albums in that man's home.

Dermot Hussey is part of the reason I produced the art show All That Jazz and More... at The Pilot with the works of Jennylynd James. A multi-talented woman, whose love of Jazz; and knack for painting vivid works with movement - all about Jazz; is a gift.

I benefitted greatly from my mother introducing me to Jazz at eleven via Dermot Hussey. Please don't hesitate to weigh in on how you feel about introducing this fabulous art form called Jazz to our young people.

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