Fashioning a Vaccine and Testing Fix for COVID 19 and a Return to Normalcy


We will win the fight against COVID 19 with intelligent , measured, science based  approaches and importantly compassion. We say No Way COVID, you will not defeat us!

Here are my latest thoughts about fashioning a fix, which were initially published on April 19, 2020....

I think experts across the globe agree, the development and application of a safe and effective vaccine is likely to be the ultimate fix for the COVID 19 pandemic.

However, a vaccine takes time to develop and test; and apparently, we are not likely to see one for about a year.

In the mean time the world is certainly in crisis and under the threat of an unprecedented number of pandemic related illnesses and deaths, as well the possible collapse of our world economy.

We are all thrilled that scientists have developed tests that detect the virus and can do so in as little as 15 minutes. As long as they are reliable and accurate, hopefully these tests can eventually become widely accessible.

I am also hoping that our scientists, apart from working on a vaccine, are fiercely exploring what could be described as a back-up/interim plan, which I imagine could constitute the following:

Tests that:

Determine when exactly a person exposed to COVID 19 becomes contagious - i.e. the exact point- minutes, hours, days.

If we know how long it takes a person who has been exposed to become contagious, then we can manage the problem of how often testing is required to maintain a healthy population; until we get a safe and effective vaccine.

The effectiveness of “passports” that say one has tested negative for COVID 19 would likely depend on this kind of testing.

I am heartened by the fact that the world is moving towards greater cluster testing, contact tracing and anti-body testing, that will give us a better indication of global infection rates, how close we are to “flattening the curve," how the virus behaves and who are the most vulnerable and resilient.

Until a safe and effective vaccine becomes available, this kind of testing and these types of actions should save people's lives and help return our economy to a relative state of normalcy.

Fashioning a vaccine and testing fix for COVID 19 could do just that!

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay positive. We will get through this…

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