Free a Woman? Buy or Gift a Kibuuka Print, Spread the Word...

My online art gallery When Art Meets Fashion (WAMF) will donate 30 per cent of revenues from the sale of hand painted prints by Ugandan born artist David Kibuuka, to the non-profit organization Women’s Global Empowerment Fund (WGEF). The fund raising campaign starts on December 1 and ends on March 8, 2019, International Women's Day.

Artist David Kibuuka - patrons include Shaquille O’Neal Dionne Warwick and Debbie Allen

“In my paintings I often pay tribute to women for the strength they show, caring for children and families in harsh environments. I am hoping many will benefit from this fund raising effort.” 

This is the year of #MeToo and I wanted to find a way to help heal wounds, free and empower women. With David’s many women focused pieces, his history of giving back and the extraordinary work WGEF is doing in Uganda, I suggested we work together. Thankfully, everyone said yes.

WGEF has been on the ground providing women with access to micro-credit loans, business and leadership development training; literacy and health initiatives since 2008.

Golden Women Tailoring Group received a loan of $600 to support them in a contract they got to supply school uniforms to 700 students

Joan, WGEF micro-loan beneficiary- Omoro District Northern Uganda

“I’m hopeful because my children will go to school. I’m peaceful because now I am sure I can have what to eat today and tomorrow.” 

WGEF’s Executive Director Karen Sugar.

“Northern Uganda is a post-conflict region, where women and children experienced horrific violence and chronic poverty. Through the microfinance and social capital programs of WGEF we see what is possible, when women are treated with dignity, and given the tools necessary to begin the process of healing, economic progress, and empowerment.”  

The 25 year conflict left much of Uganda’s north unstable, lacking in economic activity, and vulnerable to food and human insecurity. To date WGEF has provided more than 14,000 loans; given over 4000 women literacy training and supported women farmers. Some have even gone on to contest political office.

With funds from the campaign WGEF plans to reach deeper into rural communities to provide economic opportunities, literacy, business and leadership training, as well as expand its sanitary products access project. 

Please Free a Woman? Buy or Gift a Kibuuka Print, Spread the Word.... Thanks!


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