Rocker Lenny Kravitz on Mixing Art and Design

Known for brilliantly incorporating people-centric photo-art and figurative paintings that speak directly to personal stories and passions, Lenny Kravitz, the American rock star and now uber-hot interior designer is drawing applause not just on stage, but in luxury homes and apartments from New York to Paris and beyond.

Kravitz, who now runs a successful interior design company out of New York, is a master of positioning large statement pieces and unique sculptures, and coupling art works so they reveal more individually and as a whole. At various times, his apartments in Paris and New York have been filled with lovingly positioned and framed photo-art and paintings. They include a Basquiat and several pieces depicting unforgettable iconic figures like Muhammad Ali, John Lennon and Billie Holiday.

As shown in a CNN interview about Kravitiz’s design chops, his luxurious, four-story Paris town home boasts an enviable gallery wall. Along its stark white spiral staircase, functionally accessorized with an intricately carved black wrought iron railing; there are photographs for every eye level. Framed in gold they not only integrate seamlessly into the area décor, they provide fodder for stories that would likely make any lunch or dinner party memorable.

Kravitiz’s latest project is a 175-unit New York apartment building that includes 32,000 square feet of retail space plus an underground parking garage. Probably his most talked about project however, is the Stanley House. Kravitz transformed the interior of the 10,000 square foot Hollywood Hills house, with its 360 degree view of downtown LA, by giving it what Forbes contributor Keith Flamer describes as a, “Bohemian rocker-meets-James Bond vibe.”

It certainly seems this legendary rock star’s eye for mixing art and design is making him one of the most sought after interior designers in the business.

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