The Art of Being Our Best During Religious Holidays, COVID 19 and Beyond…


Being the best person you can be, is an art. Whether taking the time to care for someone who is ill, biting your tongue, so you don’t say something hurtful to a friend or family member, having the courage to put aside ego and mouth the words, “ I love you”, baking a cake or making a special meal for someone you love and or respect; - all this; takes thought, effort, courage and creativity.

These elements are often what we see in art.

As we celebrate Easter, Ramadan and Passover, millions are putting in that extra effort to practice the art of being their best selves. Their guides are the masters, Jesus Christ, Muhammad and the brave men and women who fought and died to free the Israelites-Jewish people from enslavement.

We are all trying to do this while physically isolated and unquestionably, with yearnings to once again get together and socialize, hug and embrace.

These are difficult times, no question! Thankfully we have ways to virtually congregate and communicate. We can send a virtual hug, kiss, or embrace, and tell others we love them through the technologies creative people have designed and produced.

My hope is that the art of being our best selves will endure beyond our religious holidays and COVID 19, becoming permanently fashionable.

Stay healthy, stay safe…


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