When Art Meets Fashion Launches its Wearable Art Collection! FREE Shipping!


Despite my tennis elbow I managed to get my new wearable art collection up.

When Art Meets Fashion celebrates art in many ways, not just on walls, floors, in parks and galleries, but also on every part of the human body.

This new collection celebrates creativity, fun, beauty and ways to do some good, whether it’s supporting artists, helping to protect our beautiful planet, stopping racism in its tracks or celebrating our heroes.

So, you’re invited to the launch of When Art Meet Fashion’s Wearable Art Store.

We are offering FREE Shipping on orders equal to or greater than $100.00 from Tuesday October 1 to Monday October 7, 2019 on all items -

T shirts – adults and kids, dresses, skirts, swim suits and matching beach towels, hoodies, smart phone covers, pillows, tote bags, mugs and more...

Perfect gifts for yourself, someone you love or who you think is really cool.

I would like to offer a scholarship to an emerging artist by donating one dollar from the sale of every piece sold from WAMF's wearable collection.  Suggestions are welcome. I will keep you posted.

Live your day with love!


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