Ato Seitu

Whether using fine lines inked in black, on white; painstakingly penciled shades of grey, or brilliant colors that pop from his art board, Ato Seitu is an artist whose creative voice is as distinct as every work he has produced over the past 50 years.


His art is bold, linear, graphic, at times seemingly architectural in its construct; and embodies many of the techniques he developed in the 1970s as a successful Toronto graphic artist.


He is known for work depicting Africa’s pre-and-post colonial art and history, and for creating pieces that reflect upon how African, Asian, European and Middle Eastern cultures influence and are influenced by the art and fashion they, and others, produce.


In the 1970’s, the anti-apartheid freedom movement in South Africa influenced Seitu’s art and many of his pieces were used in poster-advertising to educate African society about freedom and democracy.


Born in Jamaica, Seitu migrated to Canada in 1963, completing a diploma course in graphic arts at George Brown College and later a master’s degree in social environmental studies at York University.


Seitu has exhibited across Canada, the United States, Europe, the Caribbean and Africa. He is represented by When Art Meets Fashion (WAMF).


Please contact WAMF through our contact page or email us at for all inquires regarding the exhibition, purchase or licensing of art by Ato Seitu.


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