All that Jazz and More by JJ

Throughout Jazz history from its inception, to this day; performers have exhibited a distinctive sense of style. Billie Holiday with that picturesque, yet fragile Gardenia in her hair, Miles Davis in all black leather from neck to toe, Diana Krall in a glittering gown or a dark tailored suit with a crisp white shirt, Esperanza Spalding shaking every strand of  that big Fro and more… Yes, fashion and style have long been and likely will always be, an integral part of Jazz on stage.

Jennylynd James captures that sense of style in many of the pieces now on exhibit at The Pilot.


All That Jazz and More.. - The Pilot in Yorkville, Toronto, Canada
November 3, 2019 - November 30, 2019

Jennylynd James expresses her love of jazz and classical music in this series of figurative and abstract paintings on display at The Pilot. They depict performing jazz and classical musicians, singers, bands and orchestras.   From Harlem’s Cotton Club to Roy Thompson Hall, Jennylynd takes her canvases on musical journeys, revisiting memorable experiences and historical events.


Jennylynd James is a Canadian Commonwealth scholarship recipient and a PHD graduate of McGill University. She arrived in Toronto from Ireland in the winter of 2011 and has explored and developed her artistic talents ever since.

Jennylynd has participated in more than thirty exhibitions in Ontario and the Caribbean. Her artwork is held in collections in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and the Caribbean.



All my life, I have been intrigued by colour, and observation of people and their interactions with each other. As a child, I remember sketching simple flowers and people on any surface as a favourite pastime. I stared with curiosity when visiting festivals, parks, the markets, and beaches.

Art is like a religion for me. I draw inspiration from old photographs, videos, travel, and attending events. These photographs and postcards are used as a reference for my figurative work. I enjoy capturing people’s emotions with the stroke of a brush in oil and acrylic. Even my floral paintings evoke emotion and moods in the colour tones, shades, and angles used. I try to extract beauty in everyday objects and situations giving a unique character in my paintings. I want my work to evoke joy and goodwill in the observer.


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