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New Works - March 2019


All my life, I have been intrigued by colour, and observation of people and their interactions with each other. As a child, I remember sketching simple flowers and people on any surface as a favourite pastime. I stared with curiosity when visiting festivals, parks, the markets, and beaches.

Art is like a religion for me. I draw inspiration from old photographs, videos, travel, and attending events. These photographs and postcards are used as a reference for my figurative work. I enjoy capturing people’s emotions with the stroke of a brush in oil and acrylic. Even my floral paintings evoke emotion and moods in the colour tones, shades, and angles used. I try to extract beauty in everyday objects and situations giving a unique character in my paintings. I want my work to evoke joy and goodwill in the observer.

Jennylynd has been a part of 10 solo and 14 group exhibits with more in the works...


Jennylynd studied Food Science at McGill University and worked over 20 years in this field in Florida, California, Ireland, the Caribbean, and Canada. In Ireland, Jennylynd  discovered a hidden talent for drawing and painting while working with art instructors  who introduced  her to oil painting, portraiture and sketching.

She uses the vivid colours of her heritage to influence her work. Jennylynd now lives in Toronto where she has embraced self expression in art as a new lifestyle.

Her artwork is held in collections in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and the Caribbean.


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you find a price for Jennylnd's works that undercuts ours. Depending on the piece we may have some flexibility.

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