New Works - July 2019

When I first saw Alexander’s paintings my eyes wondered over to what I thought were hats. Of course with my fashion-art themed gallery, fashion and style are always on the brain. However, I soon realized what I was looking at were people with pots on their heads.  I found this fascinating.

Appropriately called Pot Head, in this series of paintings Alexander  provides us with provocative commentary on a heady topic, human misconceptions and stereotyping.


About the Artist

Alexander is an emerging artist based in Toronto, Canada. He is self-taught and holds a BA in Creative Advertising from Humber College.His work is best described as a form of afro-surrealism. For Alexander the only way to portray the black experience with a sense of realism is through surrealism.

Through his work he aims to highlight the strange experiences that come with navigating this world as a person of colour juxtaposed with human nature.His art tackles toxic stereotyping, masculinity, and natural beauty.

Alexander uses acrylic paints and sometimes incorporates a duo canvas technique to create his work, while also making use of other materials, such as the petals of artificial flowers. 

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