New Works - March 2020

Welcome to Miranda's page!   A multi-disciplinary artist, Miranda's work spans paintings, prints, photography, film, writing and yes, apparel - ie, wonderful, wearable art.  Undeniably talented, When Art Meets Fashion is delighted to represent her.

Artist Statement

I am a self-taught, interdisciplinary artist. My work is largely influenced by observation in travel, meaningful conversation and a voracious consumption of music, literature, and film.

Through these multiple points of reference, I seek to identify the interconnectedness of places, people and objects; inspired by an unyielding curiosity to discover unique combinations in mixed media formats.

Furthermore, my fascination with psychology, otherworldliness, time and reality tie into my body of work which is best described as meta-cognition, sense-making and storytelling.

I earned my BA from Ryerson University’s innovative Creative Industries program in 2017. My art platform includes paintings, prints, photography, film, writing and apparel.

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