The Art of Mas, Forever Young


The exhibit The Art of Mas - Forever Young at The Pilot in Yorkville was a long time coming. We planned this before the pandemic hit. So, at WAMF we were particularly thrilled we managed to get this exhibit up, during such unprecedented times.

Costume design, art and fashion have long intersected, shared and borrowed from each other. So, for us at WAMF, an exhibit like this by photographer Jenny Baboolal is in keeping with our brand identity.

In Jenny’s photographs of the T & T children’s carnival, you see the talent, creativity, ingenuity, and energy, that goes into producing this magical children’s parade.

Artistic and fashion elements of the past and the present are clearly visible in these photographs.

They are colorful and bright, and will bring joy into any home, children’s room, or office.

I hope you check out our online exhibit and spread the word. The  exhibit was on display at The Pilot in August and September 2021.





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