At WAMF we want everyone during these difficult times to stay safe and healthy. The experts say that means:

  • Social-physical distancing
  • Washing your hands for at least 20 seconds 
  • NOT putting your hands in your eyes, nose, or mouth, unless they are super clean
  • Sneezing and coughing in your sleeve
  • Keeping surfaces around you clean and disinfected

At WAMF we have a long standing tradition of supporting people in times of need. So in response to the COVID 19 pandemic we have created a small apparel collection dedicated to promoting personal and social wellness.

We facilitate through Pledgeling the opportunity for visitors to our site to donate $2.00 to four charitable organizations. One is the Canadian Women's Foundation and we would greatly appreciate it if you would donate to CWF. YOU DONT HAVE TO BUY TO DONATE!

Sadly women are likely to be more negatively impacted by COVID 19 than many other groups.

Please see the following CWF article link:


I am also offering, as an incentive, a 10% discount to everyone who emails me and is interested in purchasing any of the items in our WAMF BE WELL COLLECTION. Email me through our contact page and I will send you the code.

Stay safe and heathy.....



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