Clients POV

This lovely photo of Grace Jones is hanging in my pub: Vitrin in Antwerp! It’s a trendy bar where a lot of people in the art-acting-modeling scene in Antwerp hang out. In a couple of weeks, we are opening again and people can see this cool picture. :-)

I met Grace Jones when I was 19 (my father booked her a couple of times). We were very happy with the service Ingrid. Thanks! Kenny Aernouts, April 2021



I bought the Passport to Paris bag by artist Janice Garel at The Art of All Things Floral exhibit in Yorkville put on by WAMF. Although it was sold as a cosmetic bag, I use it as a casual evening bag/purse. It is large enough to hold my cellphone, lipstick, and money. It also has a small strap that I put around my wrist to be hands-free.

I absolutely love it, and get a lot of compliments. Donna Fabbro


I had the pleasure of attending a fun gathering to meet and promote the emerging artist Jennylynd James and her works at The Pilot pub prior to the pandemic. Ingrid Walter very successfully organized and hosted the enjoyable art event.

I fortunately spotted and bought a limited-edition print by Jennylynd that really spoke to me. It is now a favourite piece in my collection.

Many thanks to Ingrid for organizing and hosting the special showing. Victor Ford


Hello Elizabeth and Carole:

I would first like to say it was great in so many ways working with you on the  UWI fundraiser. Fabulous women, doing wonderful work puts a big smile on my face!

Sun, May 12, 2019, 3:02 PM -  to me, Carole

Dear Ingrid,

You are most welcome and thanks for your support as well for this extraordinary worthy cause.

Elizabeth Buchanan-Hind, executive director, institutional advancement division in the office of the vice chancellor at The University of the West Indies.


I received my gift. It’s absolutely beautiful. The craftmanship is amazing. I love it! Thank you so much. Nancy Johnson Ortiz April 14, 2021

Nancy won WAMF’s prize draw celebrating the incomparable Harriet Tubman during International Women’s Month in 2021.



I met Ingrid from When Art Meets Fashion when she contacted the Montreal Jamaican Canadian Association about a unique painting by the renowned Jamaican artist Ken Abendana Spencer. She had a client who was selling the work.


Ingrid offered to donate part of the proceeds from the sale of the painting to our organization, if we found a buyer. I fell in love with the art as soon as I saw it, and I bought it.


I later went to her website and looked around and was thrilled to see that she had limited edition signed prints of another phenomenal world figure of Jamaican descent, the incomparable Grace Jones, so I bought one.


Ingrid understands customer service. It has and continues to be a pleasure doing busines with her.


Audley Coley Author of Audley Enough, A Portrait of Triumph and Recovery. Audley is an amazing guy, “a mental health coach, a philanthropist, the subject of a book and a spokesperson for the Bell Let's Talk campaign.” Posting this today January 26, 2022 on Bell Let’s talk Day!!! Hope everyone who sees this will support the cause.


Link to Audley’s book on Amazon


Link to our page with Limited Edition images of Grace and other artists and musicians