Executive Director's Note

Executive Director

Ingrid Walter

A note from me to you…

From the day I first tried on my mom’s high heeled shoes, to the week I landed in Toronto and sped off to have my senses bathed in the colors and brush strokes of Canada’s Group of Seven, I seemed fated, to one day; marry art and fashion.

However, the story of my journey veers far from following a straight line. I found, and founded  When Art Meets Fashion - this eclectic pop-up exhibit, online gallery and artist agency business; after pursuing a fascinating career telling stories.

For over twenty years I traveled and worked across Canada for CBC television and radio, City TV and ISN - a Global TV affiliate, TVO, the Toronto Star, Pride News Magazine, MACO, the New African and other publications.

I filed stories internationally and did communications contract work. l even mustered the nerve to fly, then motor boat into the Cambodian jungles with an international organization, to speak with former Khmer Rouge members, about saving the lives of journalists and story tellers.

Ahh, those were heady times, filled with a lot of high brow stuff, but as I read, researched, interviewed, traveled, wrote and sometimes ranted in text; I remained an avid art and art gallery enthusiast and a prowler of boutiques, fashion and interior design magazines.

On returning from living in New York and contemplating retiring as a journalist, writer-reporter and communications girl; I found myself in Toronto’s Yorkville. As I sauntered around what arguably is a cross between Fifth Avenue and So Ho - a hybrid of art and fashion, it came to me, why not mount an exhibit about art and fashion?

So, I did it, staging our inaugural exhibit in Cumberland Terrace and working with the uber-professional curator, Tak Fam (OCAD MFA).

With heart and hard work, When Art Meets Fashion, my pop-up exhibit, online gallery and artist agency business was born.


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