Our Launch

When Art Meets Fashion is a pop-up gallery, artist agency and merchandising business. 

Today we represent over 25 artists.

We take great care of our clients and our artists! 

When Art Meets Fashion’s inaugural pop-up gallery exhibit in Yorkville examined the historical and contemporary relationship between art and culture, fashion and style, through the lenses of twelve local and international emerging and established photographers.

From an eclectic mix of ethnic backgrounds and photographic disciplines, they told stories of art and culture’s influence on fashion and style. Influences that come from Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, North and South America were explored.

Through their compositions the artists provided their perspective on the influences that inspire iconic fashion designers, as well as shape what society regards as fashionable and in style.

Out of When Art Meets Fashion’s inaugural exhibit morphed a pop-up gallery, artist agency and merchandising business. Today we represent over 25 artists. They include, painters, photographers, sculptors, graphic and mixed media artists.


All works exhibited and available for purchase offline or through our online art shop reflect society’s enduring relationship with fashion and style. 

Our gallery provides a special couture service where we find art based on clients’ personal preferences. We also offer art research services.

Our ONLINE SHOP  caters to interior designers, art collectors and anyone who loves art, an eclectic mix of original fashion and style related paintings, fine art, documentary and creative photography, sculpture and mixed media works.

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Email or call us and our experts will find you that unmatched work; a conversation piece that endures, whether you stand it up or show it on your wall.