Ken Abendana Spencer, Jamaica Seascape, 1974

Ken Abendana Spencer, Jamaica Seascape, 1974

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Date: 1974
Oil on canvas
Wooden frame

Painting without frame:
34"W X 26 1/2"H
86.36 X 67.31 cm
Painting including frame:

38 1/2"W X 31"H        
97.79 X 78.74 cm
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Note from WAMF Executive Director Ingrid Walter

When I first saw this painting by Ken Abendana Spencer I gravitated to it because of the familiar seascape scenes the artist is revered for. However, I soon realized, this painting was special.  Unlike his other work, this unique piece by Spencer is painted in the colors of the island’s national flag.

Spencer’s work is known globally and is part of the National Gallery of Jamaica’s exhibited collection.